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About Jared Miracle

Getting the right words.

When you need some copy, you can always find a freelancer to hash out content. But what happens when quality is a concern? That's when you find a world-class, award-winning researcher who happens to also be a wordsmith with over a decade spent teaching.

I'm a pen for hire with a diverse background that makes me uniquely situated to handle unusual projects. I've circled the globe four times, ridden horseback with Mongolian herdsmen, completed a PhD. in record time, and speak three languages.

I dig up information to craft the highest order of product, from blog posts and adverts to whitepapers, influence reports, and ghostwriting. When your project calls for something a bit more composed, drop me a line.



  • Articles

  • Blog posts

  • Interviews

  • Whitepapers

  • Research on virtually any topic

  • Ghostwriting

  • Ad copy

  • Editing (both popular and academic)

  • Have other needs? I may be able to help. Contact me.


"This book is mandatory and quite enjoyable reading for anyone interested in martial arts history."

Critical praise for Jared's first book, Now with Kung Fu Grip!


Have a project? Let's chat.

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